Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best Books I've ever read

During the summer, with lack of nothing to do, I go to my library ever two weeks whenever I get the chance. I like to read, especially now that I'm writing my own book, I like to get whatever inspiration I can. During a visit to my local library, I was fortunate to check out some really good books. And I mean life changing. John Green is amazing and now and forever more, will remain my #1 author. I returned those and then was fortunate enough to pick out a series of books that entailed to my sense of action and discovery also I compiled my top list a month later. Here are the books that kept me sane during the summer

Looking for Alaska 
Boarding school, mostly all teens, sex, murder mystery with quotes that you will memorize and use over and over again.

Tales of the Madman Underground 
Reading Looking for Alaska before this and you will find that is this also a good read. A boy faces challenges in his small town, the whole story takes place over a week, which is extremely amazing, packing so much into 7 days.

Paper Towns
A girl changes a boys life and mysteriously dissapears soon after. Kind of like Looking for Alaska, without the death.

The True Meaning of Smekday
Funniest book ever. With some extremely hilarious comics between chapters.

Skulduggery Pleasant 
The whole series is epic. Undead detectives, magic and mystery. Theirs also comedy and dark forces at work.

The Hunger Games
The whole series here also. It seems to have become a cult classic all of a sudden, with a movie in the works so probably be good to check it out now rather than later. A girl is pitted against other competitors in an annual competition, and only 1 can survive

I usually don't read comics but this was a pretty good "Misfit" one. Lots of humor also.

Previously this might have been somewhere in the top 5, but Christopher Paolini is inconsistent with releases :[

Anyway take a look at these books. I promise you will like them.

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